How-to: adjust your data

Upload your data. The system will automatically identify matching tracks and courses and adjust your data. You can make adjustments like removing the parts where you were resting and download the new data.

How-to: find a track

Find a track anywhere in the world. Is anything wrong or missing? You can fix that!

How-to: generate GPS-data

Did you run without a GPS-watch? Maybe even indoors? Find your track or race, click "generate GPS-data" and submit the time(s) of your race orworkout. Now you can download GPS-data as if you were running with a perfect GPS-watch.

How-to: add or edit a track

On the search page you can select to request a track or create it to be able to use it instantly.

Requesting a track

Click to place the marker inside of the track. Optionally enter a name and click "request". That's it.

Creating a track

The least you need to do is to enter the length of the track and define the first curve of the track. All other information is optional but the more you supply the better it is for the community.

Defining the track

Curve 1 start The first Curve 1 is the curve that starts close to the finishing line. Identyfing the finish can be done in the following ways.

  • It is marked by a solid white line.
  • It is at the end of the home straight which can have more lanes than the back straight and sometimes bigger stands.
  • The water jump for the steeplechase is (if it exists) usually in the middle of the second curve.

Curve 1 end Where the first curve becomes the back straight.

Steeple The start line of the 3000m steeple can be placed on different locations. If the water jump is inside of the curve the start line is located on the back straight. If the water jump is located outside of the curve the start line is located on the home straight. Skip this step if there is no water jump or if it is hard to see where the starting line is located.

Finish line This is most important to define if steeple is defined. Especially if the finishing line is more than a few meters from the start of the first curve.

Adjusting the track

When all four points are defined or you click "preview" you will see a outline of the track.

Use the transformation buttons to rotate, change width and/or move the track to make the fit as good as possible.

Save the track when you are happy with the fit. In some areas there are airplane views when zoomed in. Prioritize to make the fit good with the satellite view if they differ a lot.