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Running in B&H

Show on the map There are 20 areas in B&H. See them all below. Banja Luka, Tuzla, Saraj Polje, Koševo and Mostar has the most runnable places.

Climate in B&H

B&H gets cold and snowy in the winters. Be prepared for temperatures of around -10°C10°F .

August might be one of the most pleasant months for running in B&H. The temperature usually ranges from about 16°C60°F to 29°C83°F, the wind averages 1.7m/s3.8mph and the daily precipitation is 3 mm0.1 inches.

More detailed information about the weather in B&H can be found on the page for each city.

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In B&H

Banja Luka | Tuzla | Saraj Polje | Koševo | Mostar | Jezero | Zenica | Brajkovici | Turski Lukavac | Prijedor centar | Kolobara | Doboj | Bihac | Nasip | Bare | Podvornice | Jaklic | Police | Bašcina | Pijavice Show all areas


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