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Running in Ecuador

Show on the map There are 14 areas in Ecuador. See them all below. Guayaquil, Quito, Cuenca, Portoviejo and Santo Domingo de los Tsachilas has the most runnable places.

Good to know about running in Ecuador

Most of Ecuador is located 2000m7000ft or more above sea level. It is usually a good idea to reduce your training the first days when you arrive at high altitude and adjust your paces for the remainder of your stay.
Quito, Guaranda and Latacunga are some of the highest located cities/counties.

Climate in Ecuador

The climate differs a lot in different parts of Ecuador. The yearly average temperature in Ambato is 10°C49°F compared to Guayaquil where it is 25°C76°F.

One of the best areas for running, temperature-wise, should be around Cuenca. The temperature there seldom gets below 5°C40°F or over 20°C70°F. On the negative side, Cuenca gets a lot of rainfall.

More detailed information about the weather in Ecuador can be found on the page for each city.

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