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Running in Bovenden

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About 200m above sea level600ft above sea level

Maschparkstadion Göttingen is a track close to Bovenden with a soft surface that is open to the public. It should be usable year round. However, the surface is not that good.

Best places for workouts in Bovenden

Another track in Bovenden that are marked as open to the public is Sportplatz Bovenden.

Another option not to far away is Hochschulsportzentrum Göttingen.

Winter running in Bovenden

Winters in Bovenden can get cold and snowy. December through February might see snow and the temperature is often below -10°C20°F .

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Your favourite running surface in Bovenden

Sportplatz Bovenden has a soft surface for those who like to avoid the asphalt and concrete.

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Running tracks in Bovenden

Sportplatz Bovenden

Weather in Bovenden

Weather data by OikoLab.

A normal day in , the temperature ranges between about °C °F and °C°F.

Temperatures in

The line represents the average temperature. The faded area represents the most likely temperature span. The temperature is within this area 80% of the times.

Humidity in

The line represents the average dew point. The faded area represents the most likely dew point span. The dew point is within this area 80% of the times.

Wind in

The line represents the average wind speed.

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The track at Sportplatz Bovenden is missing some info

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