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Running in Japan

Show on the map There are 51 areas in Japan. See them all below. Tokyo, Kanagawa Prefecture, Hokkaido Prefecture, Aomori Prefecture and Chiba Prefecture has the most runnable places.

Highly rated places to run in Japan

Settsu High School, Hirono kaigankoen parkrun, Sub Track & field, Futakotamagawa parkrun, Yoyogi Park and Shimanami Earthland parkrun are popular places to run in this area.

Yoyogi Park / Shibuya / Tokyo
Asphalt/Concrete running spot with some hills
Image by ginomempin on Flickr

Climate in Japan

The climate differs a lot in different parts of Japan. The yearly average temperature in Oketo, Hokkaido Prefecture is 6°C42°F compared to Okinawa, Kyushu Region where it is 23°C74°F.

More detailed information about the weather in Japan can be found on the page for each city.

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"Namban Rengo (https://namban.."

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