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Running in Rudboda

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Introduction to running in Rudboda

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Best places for workouts in Rudboda

If you want to do more than just going out for an easy run there are some good options available.

Track runners might like Lidingövallen and those looking for a hill workout can go to Lidingöloppet 30km, Lidingöloppet 10km or Elljusspåret Gärdet.

Elljusspåret Gärdet

2km hilly trail running route
Image by RUN:TRACK:RUN on Flickr
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Winter running in Rudboda

Running in a new city in the winter time can be tricky. Bad weather and darkness makes it hard to find good places to run.

For hardcore track runners who wants to workout on an indoor track; try Bosön.

Highly rated places to run in Rudboda

Bosön is a popular place to run in this area.

Your favourite running surface in Rudboda

For those who like to run on soft surfaces, these are recommended: Lidingöloppet 30km and Lidingöloppet 10km.

A bit further away you have Norra Djurgården and Nationaldagsgaloppen at your disposal.

Norra Djurgården

Gravel/dirt running spot with some hills
Image by RUN:TRACK:RUN on Flickr

A route for trail runners to try not to far from Rudboda is Elljusspåret Gärdet.

Running tracks in Rudboda


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