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Running in Eastbourne

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Best places for workouts in Eastbourne

If you want to do more than just going out for an easy run there are some good options available.

Track runners might like Eastbourne Sports Complex Track and Eastbourne Sports Park Track and those looking for a hill workout can go to Butts Brow.

If you want to test your fitness against local runners; the free group run Eastbourne parkrun is available.

Eastbourne Sports Park Track

400m synthetic track
Image by RUN:TRACK:RUN on Flickr

Butts Brow

Very hilly trail running spot
Image by Vicki Burton on Flickr

Running in Eastbourne during COVID-19

Tracks may not be open as per usual right now. On RUN:TRACK:RUN, visitors can report whether or not a track is closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Yarborough Leisure Centre Track, Kingsmeadow Athletic Centre and St. Ivo Outdoor Centre Track are some of the tracks that are marked as open and Braywick Running Track is marked as closed for the time being.

Highly rated places to run in Eastbourne

University of Leicester Running Track, President Kennedy School & Community College Track, Victoria Park Track, Hyde Park, Sir Mo Farah athletics track, Richmond Park, Bushy Park, Bushy parkrun and Frimley Lodge parkrun are popular places to run in this area.

Bushy Park

Flat asphalt/concrete running spot
Image by Derek Winterburn on Flickr

Bushy parkrun

Free group run on gravel/dirt
Image by Darren Foreman on Flickr

Your favourite running surface in Eastbourne

Those looking for a flat course with firm surface can go to the course of Eastbourne parkrun.

Richmond Park

Hilly gravel/dirt running spot
Image by damo1977 on Flickr

Hyde Park

Asphalt/Concrete running spot with some hills
Image by Shakespearesmonkey on Flickr

Great running spots in Eastbourne

Butts Brow

Group runs in Eastbourne

Eastbourne parkrun

Running tracks in Eastbourne

Eastbourne Sports Park Track | Eastbourne Sports Complex Track

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Comments on places around Eastbourne

COVID-19 REPORT on Yarborough Leisure Centre Track
16/09 -20: Reported as open during the COVID-19 outbreak
COVID-19 REPORT on Kingsmeadow Athletic Centre
10/09 -20: Reported as open during the COVID-19 outbreak
COVID-19 REPORT on St. Ivo Outdoor Centre Track
05/09 -20: Reported as open during the COVID-19 outbreak
COVID-19 REPORT on Braywick Running Track
31/08 -20: Reported to be closed due to COVID-19 outbreak
COVID-19 REPORT on Kingsmeadow Athletic Centre
25/08 -20: Reported as open during COVID-19 outbreak

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