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Running in Glendora

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About 300m above sea level900ft above sea level

Good to know about running in Glendora

For better air quality, it it's recommended to run north of Foothill Blvd.

Best places for workouts in Glendora

If you need an open track in Glendora; Sandburg Middle School and Glendora High School are marked as open to the public.

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Running in Glendora during COVID-19

Tracks may not be open as per usual right now. On RUN:TRACK:RUN, visitors can report whether or not a track is closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Sandburg Middle School is marked as open.

Summer running in Glendora

Summers in Glendora get very hot. July and August often sees temperatures of around 36°C96°F . It might be wise to do your training early in the mornings or on a treadmill indoors. The temperature in the warmest month of July is normally around 2678 to 33°C91°F at noon and 1966 to 25°C76°F at 6 AM.

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Winter running in Glendora

Running in a new city in the winter time can be tricky. Bad weather and darkness make it hard to find good places to run.

If you want to run after sunset or early in the morning Sandburg Middle School should have electic lighting.

Highly rated places to run in Glendora

Sandburg Middle School is a popular place to run in this area.

Your favourite running surface in Glendora

For those who like to run on soft surfaces, these are recommended: Sandburg Middle School and Glendora High School.


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Running tracks in Glendora

Sandburg Middle School | Glendora High School | Goddard Middle School

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Weather in Glendora

Weather data by OikoLab.

A normal day in , the temperature ranges between about °C °F and °C°F.

Temperatures in

The line represents the average temperature. The faded area represents the most likely temperature span. The temperature is within this area 80% of the times.

Humidity in

The line represents the average dew point. The faded area represents the most likely dew point span. The dew point is within this area 80% of the times.

Wind in

The line represents the average wind speed.

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COVID-19 REPORT on Sandburg Middle School
23/01 -21: Reported as open during the COVID-19 outbreak

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