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Running in Lewisville

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About 200m above sea level600ft above sea level

Best places for workouts in Lewisville

If you want to do more than just going out for an easy run there are some good options available.

Track runners might like Creekview High School and Lamar Middle School and those looking for a hill workout can go to Arbor Hills nature preserve.

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Summer running in Lewisville

Summers in Lewisville get very hot and humid. June through September often sees temperatures of around 38°C100°F . It might be wise to do your training early in the mornings or on a treadmill indoors. The temperature in the warmest month of August is normally around 2985 to 37°C98°F at noon and 2474 to 29°C85°F at 6 AM.

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Winter running in Lewisville

Running in a new city in the winter time can be tricky. Bad weather and darkness make it hard to find good places to run.

If you want to run after sunset or early in the morning Tommy Standridge Stadium should have electic lighting.

Highly rated places to run in Lewisville

Durham Middle School is a popular place to run in this area.

Your favourite running surface in Lewisville

Parkhill Junior High School has a soft surface and are not very far from Lewisville for those who like to avoid the asphalt and concrete.

Those looking for a course with hard surface can go to Arbor Hills nature preserve.

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Running tracks in Lewisville

Lewisville High School | Hedrick Middle School | Huffines Middle School | Max Goldsmith Stadium | Durham Middle School | Killian Middle School | DeLay Middle School

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Weather in Lewisville

Weather data by OikoLab.

A normal day in , the temperature ranges between about °C °F and °C°F.

Temperatures in

The line represents the average temperature. The faded area represents the most likely temperature span. The temperature is within this area 80% of the times.

Humidity in

The line represents the average dew point. The faded area represents the most likely dew point span. The dew point is within this area 80% of the times.

Wind in

The line represents the average wind speed.

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