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Running in Venezuela

Show on the map There are 12 areas in Venezuela. See them all below. Caracas, Parroquia San Pedro, Parroquia El Paraiso, Acarigua and Barquisimeto has the most runnable places.

Good to know about running in Venezuela

Most of Venezuela is located lower than 1000m3000ft above sea level but there are some areas that are at a higher altitude than that.
Los Teques and Parroquia San Juan Bautista are some of the highest located cities.

Climate in Venezuela

The yearly average temperature in Venezuela ranges from 21°C69°F in Parroquia San Juan Bautista to 28°C82°F in Parroquia Cachamay.

More detailed information about the weather in Venezuela can be found on the page for each city.

Estadio Olímpico / Parroquia San Pedro
400m track
Image by Gustav´s on Flickr

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In Venezuela

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