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Running in Parroquia San Pedro

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About 900m above sea level3000ft above sea level

Best places for workouts in Parroquia San Pedro

If you need an open track in Parroquia San Pedro; Estadio Olímpico is marked as open to the public.

Summer running in Parroquia San Pedro

Summers in Parroquia San Pedro get very hot and humid. April through June often sees temperatures of around 33°C91°F . It might be wise to do your training early in the mornings or on a treadmill indoors. The temperature in the warmest month of May is normally around 2882 to 31°C88°F at noon and 2374 to 25°C77°F at 6 AM.

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Your favourite running surface in Parroquia San Pedro

Those looking for a flat course with firm surface can go to Paseo Los Proceres.

Tracks Running tracks in Parroquia San Pedro

Estadio Olímpico

Weather in Parroquia San Pedro

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A normal day in , the temperature ranges between about °C °F and °C°F.

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The line represents the average temperature. The faded area represents the most likely temperature span. The temperature is within this area 80% of the times.

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