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Track calculator

  • Calculate the length of a given lane
  • Calculate the number of laps for a given distance and lane
  • Calculate the lap splits needed to reach a given time

Required information

Optional information

40 min 10k | 5 min mile
Supply a distance to get the number of laps needed in each lane.
Supply a lap count to get the total distance for each lane.
Supply a total time and distance or lap count to get lap splits.

How long is each lane of a track?

Each lane out from lane 1 adds 2 times the lane width multiplied by π. With the standard width for lanes (122cm) that means that you should add 2 * 1.22 * π = 7.67 meters (8.38 yards) for each lane.

A standard 400 meter track has lane lengths of

  • Lane 1: 400.00m
  • Lane 2: 407.67m
  • Lane 3: 415.33m
  • Lane 4: 423.00m
  • Lane 5: 430.66m
  • Lane 6: 438.33m
  • Lane 7: 445.99m
  • Lane 8: 453.66m
  • Lane 9: 461.32m
  • Lane 10: 468.99m