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Birchmount Stadium

400m synthetic track in Toronto
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Open to the public
About 100m above sea level500ft above sea level
Has lighting
Track quality
Birchmount Stadium, Kingston Road, Birchcliff, Scarborough, Ontario, M1N 2G2, Canada
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The weather around here in April is usually cool and occasionally snowy. See details below
Approximate lengths of straights/curves
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For track workouts around here; Samuel Hearn MS or Malvern SS might suit you.
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user blog
Access has been restricted according to

”A special arrangement through the city, which grants permits during non-TDSB times, does allow the public in from 7 to 11 a.m. on weekdays, but only in July and August and never on weekends.”
Frustrated Senior -
9/7/23 Have been by the track several times-no one there. Whyis it not open? How can I keep fit?
VISIT REPORT by Evelyn - regarding

No reason given. Dozens of people had jumped the fence to train. Very disappointed it was closed for a long weekend.
Alana -
Is it free?
Anonymous user -
The track is open to public unless that time slot is taken by an organization with a permit. For example: Soccer does not have a permit for the track. So you can still run if there is soccer playing on the field. Football however books the field and the track, so you won't be able to run during football. Ask front desk for more info
Anonymous user -
It is currently permit only. It was previously open to the public. Toronto Parks and Rec has implemented a policy to restrict access. Contact 416-397-7470 to inquire.

Weather around Birchmount Stadium

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Wind in

The line represents the average wind speed.

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