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Rancho Cotate High School Track

400m synthetic track in Rohnert Park, CA
Show on the map Rancho Cotate High School is marked as closed to the public. The closest known open tracks are Technology Middle School and Rincon Valley Middle School. If you would like another surface than synthetic; Technology Middle School has cinder.
Open to the public
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Number of lanes
Rohnert Park
Rancho Cotate High School, Jasmine Circle, Rohnert Park, Sonoma County, California, 94928, USA
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Changed by RUN:TRACK:RUN 10605

RUN:TRACK:RUN - 26/01 -21 (17:38) - user blog
Hi Maureen, thank you for your feedback.

The track page did not have any info about the open-status before now. I have now updated the track info to closed to the public based on your comment.

I'm sorry that you had to go there to find out. I will make it the top priority to make the design clearer about when information is missing.

Maureen - 26/01 -21 (16:19)
I tried going to this track and there was no public access and being a member of the community I find this unacceptable. When I called the school to ask how I can access the track they told me that I would have to rent it, and then when I mentioned this website and how it says it is public access he told me that it is a construction site and yet there was no construction going on and no trackers like he claimed filled the field. It's crazy that I can pay my taxes to pay for a fancy new field and then not be allowed to use it. Don't waist your time. The public can not access this field.

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