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Rollie Miles Athletic Grounds

400m synthetic track in Edmonton
Show on the map If you would like another surface than synthetic; Avalon School and W. P. Wagner School has cinder. Try Kinsmen Sports Centre or Saville Community Sports Centre if you need electric lighting.
Open to the public
Free entry
Has lighting
About 700m above sea level2000ft above sea level
Number of lanes
Public hours
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Queen Alexandra, 76 Avenue NW, Queen Alexandra, Edmonton, Alberta, T6G 0J9, Canada
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Approximate lengths of straights/curves

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Outdoor tracks in Canada are generally open to the public without charge unless they are booked for track meets or other events.

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This track has a quiet neighbourhood on the east side & street life on the west. If you’re from the coast, you can fondly look at the lighthouse every time you come round. Need more inspiration? A graffiti artist painted Rollie Miles smiling at you as you go counter clockwise

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