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Stockholms Stadion

400m synthetic track in Stockholm 6 3
Show on the map Lill-Jansskogen 3km is close by if you want to warm up outside of the track.
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Drottning Sofias Väg, Villastaden, Ladugårdsgärdet, Östermalms stadsdelsområde, Stockholm, Stockholm County, Svealand, 114 32, Sweden
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General info about track availability in Sweden
Outdoor tracks in Sweden are generally open to the public without charge unless they are booked for track meets or another events.

Most indoor tracks are also open but the opening hours for public access are often restriced. Some require season passes and others will provide one time passes.
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05/08 -20: Reported as open during COVID-19 outbreak
Thomas - 13/03 -20 (16:00)
There was a little bit of ice in the last curve (in the shade) this morning but you could easily run around it. It will probably be better at lunch time when the sun hits all of the track.
Anonymous user - 29/05 -19 (06:58)
Closed due to Bauhausgalan, Stockholm marathon and Global champions league (horses) until at least june 16th.
Hanna Kjellman - 31/03 -19 (11:28)
Track entirely snow-free
Hanna Kjellman - 24/03 -19 (11:59)
Ski-trails gone. Only a few very small patches of snow left on the track now :)
Hanna Kjellman - 10/03 -19 (08:53)
Still ski-trails on the track today

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Image by Balazs Szanto on Flickr
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Image by Balazs Szanto on Flickr
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Image by RUN:TRACK:RUN on Flickr
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