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Zalew Zemborzycki

Flat paver running spot
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Main surface
Secondary surface
About 12km around the lake
Has lighting
About 200m above sea level600ft above sea level
Status in winter conditions
Usable but not like in summer
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Manu -
I ran this in Feb 2023. I would suggest taking bus #1 (there are other buses also) and then getting of at the end stop. So you start running on the northern end of the lake. My suggestion is to to take the eastern side first: it is much more challenging (at least in the winter) with mud, ice and roots along the trail. I ran out to all small headlands, so I wouldn't know if there was an easier track further in. After the bridge in southwest the route is very easy, like a beach boulevard. Good luck!

Weather around Zalew Zemborzycki

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