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You feedback is very appreciated. What is not working on the site? What is great on the site? What would you like us to add to the site? We will try to add all questions you might have.


Rehan -
How much of the fees in summer time in 2024
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Hi Lee, thank you for the feedback! I agree with you, especially regarding bathrooms. I will look in to how that information could be integrated to the site :)

Lee S. -
It would be great if I could submit photos of the track. You tube to much work. Also, other features I always look for is bathrooms or portable restrooms nearby and if they are open. Also, access to water. This sites lists Katy trail as a good place to run but there isn't good bathroom access at all. I'm getting old and this stuff gets more important!! LOL
Gavin -
can someone from Broadbridge heath contact me,
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Hi Steven. I'm sorry to here that you're having trouble finding good places to run where you live.
This site was created to make that a little easier but we are not affiliated with any specific city or track.

Hopefully a site visitor will add some helpful information in your area as the site continues to grow.
Steven -
I moved here in March I find it very difficult to run on your streets as they are made of a combination of grand seashells concrete and blacktop as opposed to just blacktop when I lived in Texas I ran every day I would step out my door and I can do three miles. Moving to Palm Coast the first time I tried to do this my knees swelled and we're numb for a week. Granted the services harder which may be great for the city as far as for paving but not very good for running on and I cannot find a rubberized black top track anywhere in your city
Anonymous user -
I'm trying to find a rubberized asphalt track in Palm Coast there are many people over the age of 50 in the city and it's much better for your knees and joints it was a big shot coming here as the streets are all paved with a mix of concrete seashells and blacktop as opposed to just regular black top and it's much harder on my knees before I came to Palm Coast Florida I ran every day now I find it next to impossible to run I miss being able to walk out my door and run 3 miles but the surface causes me great pain in your city and there are no running tracks that are conducive
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Thank you. This is now corrected.
Gert -
Hello. The ”enhance” options on the upload page does not work. It says ”network error” when I try it.
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Hi! This is the new feedback page of I will try to answer any questions about the site and accommodate feature requests.