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On a trip? Find the best place to run!
Tired of 43km marathons? Fix your GPS-data from races and track workouts.

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RUN:TRACK:RUN was created to solve two main problems.

  • Finding the best place to run in a foreign place.
  • Removing the accuracy error from GPS-data.

The GPS-watch is a great tool that has revolutionized running.
But it is far from perfect; the distance recorded can be off by several percents and the accuracy is often lower where most people are running - in the cities.
Here you can use information about tracks, race courses and trails to remove the errors.


  • Find your next run all around the world
  • Adjust your GPS-data to tracks and courses
  • Create GPS-data for workouts and race results
  • Merge several GPS files into one

Contact us

Ask your questions and send your suggestions to and follow the development at @runtrackrun on Instagram.

Do you want to be seen here?

Email us if you want to add your race or become an ambassador for your area and get a link to the site of your choice.

Number of tracks

Number of trails

Number of races

300m 3:20 min/km


How-to: adjust your data

Upload your data. The system will automatically identify matching tracks and courses and adjust your data. You can make adjustments like removing the parts where you were resting and download the new data.

How-to: find a track

Find a track anywhere in the world. Is anything wrong or missing? You can fix that!

How-to: generate GPS-data

Did you run without a GPS-watch? Maybe even indoors? Find your track or race, click "generate GPS-data" and submit the time(s) of your race or workout. Now you can download GPS-data as if you were running with a perfect GPS-watch.