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On a trip? Find the best place to run!
Tired of 43km marathons? Fix your GPS-data from races and track workouts.

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What is this?

The GPS-watch is a great tool that has revolutionized running. But it is far from perfect; the distance recorded can be off by several percent and the accuracy is often lower where most people are running - in the cities.

That's what this service is about.

Adjust you GPS-data to tracks and courses
Create GPS-data for workouts and race results
Find tracks all around the world

Contact us

Ask your questions and send your suggestions to and follow the development @runtrackrun on Instagram.

Do you want to be seen here?

Email us if you want to add your race or become an ambassador for your area and get a link to the site of your choice.

Number of tracks

Number of trails

Number of races

300m 3:20 min/km


How-to: adjust your data

Upload your data. The system will automatically identify matching tracks and courses and adjust your data. You can make adjustments like removing the parts where you were resting and download the new data.

How-to: find a track

Find a track anywhere in the world. Is anything wrong or missing? You can fix that!

How-to: generate GPS-data

Did you run without a GPS-watch? Maybe even indoors? Find your track or race, click "generate GPS-data" and submit the time(s) of your race or workout. Now you can download GPS-data as if you were running with a perfect GPS-watch.

Privacy policy

Last updated 2018-09-01


This Privacy Policy contains information about how RUN:TRACK:RUN, the data controller, process your personal data in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR).

If you have any questions in regards to the Privacy Policy or wish to exercise your rights according to the GDPR and this Privacy Policy, please contact us at

Personal data we process

Our aim is to not process any personal data if not absolutely necessary. We do not ask for nor process any data that constitutes special categories of personal data. Any personal data that you provide us through customer support messages or comments on our social media platforms containing special categories of personal data, or regular personal data that we do not need, will be deleted immediately.

For those instances where processing of personal data is necessary, we use it as follows.

We do not process any personal data that we do not need to deliver our service to you or for legal compliance. For personal data processed that is not related to our performance of a contract with you, our user, or that we need to process to comply with the law, we always ask for your consent. Your consent can be withdrawn at any time.


For marketing purposes we use social media like Facebook and Instagram to spread information about RUN:TRACK:RUN. We do not ask for any personal data in these channels. The only data processed is the data you provide us when you like our pages and posts, comment on posts or send us direct messages. We strongly urge you not to send us any special categories of personal data. All messages will be deleted once seen or replied to if we do not need to save them for legal purposes.


We use the following cookies on our website:

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User interface settings

If you have consented to our use of cookies that means cookies are being saved on your computer in order to allow for you to customize the user interface.

We also use cookies to analyze the traffic on our website. For that we use the Google Analytics-tool.

You can change the settings in your browser to disable all cookies.

User support/when you contact us

When you contact us for support, thoughts or questions regarding RUN:TRACK:RUN we will save your message until we have resolved your issue or answered your question. After that, it will be deleted. Again, we strongly urge you not to provide us with any special categories of personal data.

Workouts that you have uploaded

The workouts you have uploaded are not saved. They are only saved in your own browser while your session is active.

Data processors we use

To keep RUN:TRACK:RUN up and running (pun intended) we use a few data processors, these are the following:

Google. We use the Google Analytics tool to get statistics from our website.
Instagram. We have a business-account on Instagram for marketing purposes and to stay in touch with our users, answer questions and provide support.
Microsoft. The site is hosted on Azure.
GoDaddy. Domain name services (DNS)

Third country transfers

Some of our data processors reside in the United States and are part of the Privacy Shield Agreement to ensure data protection.

Your rights

If you wish to exercise any of your rights below, please contact us at


You have the right to access any personal data we process about you as long as we are not prevented by law to disclose them or it is detrimental to another data subject.


You have the right to be completely forgotten by RUN:TRACK:RUN, which means the right to have all the personal data we process about you removed - as long as it is not prohibited by law for us to delete it.


Should any personal data belonging to you that we process be factually incorrect, let us know and we will correct it.

Data portability

If you do not just want to access your data, but also be able to take it with you to another similar service provider, you can ask for data portability. We will then give you your personal data in a commonly used machine-readable format.

Restriction and objection

In some cases when you object to our processing of your personal data, we need to investigate the matter to make sure we do not, for example, violate any national- or EU-legislation by deleting all your personal data. While we do this, we have to restrict the processing of the data concerned.

Complaints to the data protection authority

If at any time you feel that your personal data rights have been disregarded, and you have informed RUN:TRACK:RUN of this issue without action being taken, you have the right to make a complaint to your national data protection authority (DPA).

In Sweden, where we are located, the data protection authority is Datainspektionen. But if you are a EU citizen residing in another EU/EES-country you are free to contact your local DPA.

Changes and updates

This Privacy Policy may be changed/updated at any time. The date of the latest Privacy Policy change can be found at the top of the page. Major changes that may affect you as a user negatively from a privacy perspective will be communicated through our Instagram account.