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Written by Jan
New to fitness walking
1st blog post - What Am I Doing Here?

Race Director Series Part 3 – Race Day!

Written by RUN:TRACK:RUN 10722
It’s finally time to start the race! After months of planning the route, staffing the team, and designing all of the important details, you’ve finally arrived at Race Day. In this final installment of our Race Director series, we’ll look at race day itself – everything that has to happen from the time the starting gun fires until every runner has made it back.

Race Director Series Part 2 – Planning the Day

Written by RUN:TRACK:RUN 10722
Race Day is like Christmas morning for Race Directors! All the work you’ve done to plan your route, advertise your race to get runners signed up, find staff and volunteers to make the day happen, all come together on race day. In this part of the Race Director Series, we’ll look at the most important aspects of planning for race day, as well as what you need to do to prepare for a successful event.

Race Director Series Part 1 – Planning the Route

Written by RUN:TRACK:RUN 10722
Welcome to the Race Director Series from RUN:TRACK:RUN. Over the course of a few different posts, we’ll be sharing some of the most important considerations for putting a new race together. We’ll divide the topics into three main areas:

Running and Mental Health

Written by RUN:TRACK:RUN 10722
Running is a great way to keep yourself physically healthy, but did you know there are also significant mental health benefits as well? Running regularly can boost your mood, help you manage stress, and help you be more present at home and at work. In this post, we’ll look at some of the mental health benefits that come from running and some strategies that you can adopt to keep your mental health in top shape. The news isn’t all good, running can also take a toll if you’re not careful. We’ll also look at some of the pitfalls to avoid, in case you start taking running too seriously.

Runner’s Word List

Written by RUN:TRACK:RUN 10722
Running is a simple sport – all you need is a pair of shoes and a nice route to get started. But once you get involved in the sport, you’ll quickly learn that there is a lot more to it than just putting one foot in front of the other. Different training methods, gear requirements, and other lingo can all be confusing for new runners, so we’ve put together this list of keywords and definitions. We hope you’ll find it useful!

Anti-Doping in Running

Written by RUN:TRACK:RUN 10722
Doping has had an impact on running at all competitive levels. The pressure to produce results and the quick solutions that illegal substances offer have sadly caused many athletes to turn to drugs to enhance their performance. World Athletics and other governing organizations have created thorough rules and requirements that athletes must follow to participate in competitions. In this post, we will examine the basics of those rules and expectations and explain the importance of having these processes in place.

Novelty World Records

Written by RUN:TRACK:RUN 10722
Races across the world focus on time. PB’s and paces and medals are always based on how fast it takes a runner to move their body from the start line to the finish line. But sometimes, there are records based on more than just time. This post will look at some of the funniest and most interesting novelty world records we’ve seen in running.

New year - new design

Written by RUN:TRACK:RUN 10722
Just a few days before the end of 2021, the new design of RUN:TRACK:RUN is here!

Athens Marathon 2004 – Thrown off by a Priest

Written by RUN:TRACK:RUN 10722
At RUN:TRACK:RUN we believe in sharing the best parts of the running world. But we also want to share some of the strangest! This post is the first in a series of articles that will highlight strange and weird occurrences in the history of our sport.

Measuring Road Races

Written by RUN:TRACK:RUN 10722
Have you ever wondered how they measure the distances we run at road races? Course records, qualifying times, and world records all depend on an accurate measurement. A 10k race in London has to be the same 10k distance as a race in Tokyo. It’s not something that can be loosely estimated. Corners literally can’t be cut. And google maps can’t be used as the only way to plot out where your 10k will come from!

Great movies about running

Written by RUN:TRACK:RUN 10722
There have been dozens of movies made about big events in running history. There are also plenty of movies that have running as a core component of their message. Since running is a sport that is accessible to most people, it is also one that is fundamentally relatable to most people looking for stories of inspiration. In this post, we’ll look at some of the best running movies that are out there.

Martin Öhman on Run With Skill podcast

Written by RUN:TRACK:RUN 10722
Listen to RUN:TRACK:RUN creator Martin Öhman on the podcast Run With Skill hosted by Damian Nevins.

Great Running Books

Written by RUN:TRACK:RUN 10722
Runners can have a lot of downtime in between runs, or during recovery. A great way to keep yourself energized about your sport is to read about it! There are hundreds of books written on the subject. Many are technical, most are inspirational, and some are just plain entertaining and hilarious. In this post, we’ll look at some of our favorite books about running, to help you find a recommendation that is right for you.

Damian Nevins - runner and coach from London

Written by RUN:TRACK:RUN 10722
Damian Nevins is an athlete, a coach, and a running mentor. Originally hailing from the UK, he has been running since his early teenage years, making the sport a central part of his life.


Written by RUN:TRACK:RUN 10722
Races can now be added to RUN:TRACK:RUN. They will be shown to users searching the area for information about running.

Visit reports

Written by RUN:TRACK:RUN 10722
New feature on!

The history of distance running

Written by RUN:TRACK:RUN 10722
In this post, we will look at the last 100 years of distance running. Using a decade-by-decade approach, we’ll highlight the superstars of each era, the significant milestones that happened, and the changing trends in training and equipment.

All major world records in women's running

Written by RUN:TRACK:RUN 10722
This is a collection of videos of all women's world records for the distances contested in IAAF world championships excluding relays.

All major world records in men's running

Written by RUN:TRACK:RUN 10722
This is a collection of videos of all men's world records for the distances contested in IAAF world championships. Excluding relays but including some extra spectacular ones.

Iconic Races

Written by RUN:TRACK:RUN 10722
Some races are just plain iconic. Sweeping trails overlooking natural wonders, crowd sizes in the millions, world-class elite fields, all of these things can boost a race into the iconic category. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the most famous and mind-blowing courses that are out there.

Local Phenomena in Running

Written by RUN:TRACK:RUN 10722
This post will look at some of those local twists that have become traditions in their communities, bringing runners from near and far together to experience their take on how to hold a race.

Blogs for all

Written by RUN:TRACK:RUN 10722
Blogs are now available to all users of RUN:TRACK:RUN

Most Popular Places for Training at Altitude

Written by RUN:TRACK:RUN 10722
Do you want to go on a training camp at high altitude? These are some of the popular locations around the world.

Spectacular Tracks Around the World

Written by RUN:TRACK:RUN 10722
Some of the coolest tracks in the world.

The track markings

Written by RUN:TRACK:RUN 10722
What are all the markings on the track? Where should you start your run?

Updates 19/4

Written by RUN:TRACK:RUN 10722
New features deployed 19/4 -21
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