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Written by Jan
New to fitness walking

I'm here because I just enrolled in a Walking for Fitness class at MiraCosta College in Oceanside, CA. I figure an app that tracks running can track walking just as easily. As I delve deeper into this, we'll find out if I am right or not.

We start the class off with a self-assessment of our walking fitness profile. We have to perform two out of three tests, and since the last test is for very fit runners, I'll just be trying the first two possibilities. One is the Rockport test Rockport Fitness Walking Test and the other is the step method the Step Method test process. I'll report back on how well they went.

As I proceed in this class, I need to get familiar with this web site, the corresponding app, the Canvas learning platform for the class, and how my Inspire 2 Fitbit works. I received it as part of the physical fitness component of my Medicare Advantage Plan. I've had it for a couple of months and have only used it on-and-off to track sleep, and it doesn't do that very well. I have hopes of better performance for physical activity since that is what it was built for.

I am going to record my eight-week journey here and send the link to my instructor. I figure she may want to let other students know about this site too.

I'm really hoping this site will help me find places to walk where the distance is known. We have to fill out charts and do calculations, and for the data to be useful and accurate, I need to know the exact distance of the walk routes I take and I don't consider a step counter to be accurate. Each step I take could be of a different length depending on it if made my knee twinge from arthritis or not, or on the terrain.

Wish me luck!

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