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I went on a summer evening at 9pm- all lanes were open, st.. on Upper Arlington High School
It's dirt, didn't see any signs about public use positive .. on Chisholm Middle School by Ryan
Track no longer has public use hour. on La City College
Track surface is asphalt on George M. Hampton Middle School by woodbridge, va
there is a locked fence the whole way around the field and.. on Moore High School



RUN:TRACK:RUN is the place where you know you can get everything you need as a runner in a new city and updates about your favourite running spots.
Do you want to:

  • Go for a run on a hilly gravel route, a synthetic track with floodlights or maybe with a group?
  • Get information from local runners?
  • Get notifications about changes to the places where you train?

We aim to give you all of that!


We need you! RUN:TRACK:RUN is a community.

  • Press the recommend button on the places you like.
  • Leave a comment with helpful tips on the places where you usually run.
  • Use the forms to report COVID restrictions, floodings, usability in winter times, crowdedness etc.
  • Add your home track, route, running spot or group run
  • Write about running in your city by editing the area page

What else?

On top of all that we will supply you with some nifty tools for your GPS-data to make even better use of the information that the community provide.

Contact us

Ask your questions and send your suggestions to and follow the development at @runtrackrun on Instagram. You can also post on our feedback-page.

Do you want to be seen here?

Create a free profile and add helpful information! You may supply a link that will be displayed to the users that are viewing your content. See the ambassador page for more information.

Welcome to RUN:TRACK:RUN!

We have a lot of info to help you with your running.

An athletics track36529 tracks
A running spot1139 running spots
A group run2188 group runs
A running route313 running routes
An area23827 areas


Thanks to everyone who has been a part of building RUN:TRACK:RUN. See the thanks-page for more info.

How-to use RUN:TRACK:RUN

How-to: find the place for your next run

Find a track, route, group run, running spot or area anywhere in the world. Click "More options" to select surface, profile, distance etc. Is anything wrong or missing? You can fix that!

How-to: add content to RUN:TRACK:RUN

Anyone can add tracks, routes or running spots or use the forms on existing places to supply missing properties. If you create a free profile you can also add group runs and add or edit area texts.

How-to: calculate splits and lengths for laps of different lanes

Use our track calculator.

How-to: adjust your data

Upload your data. The system will automatically identify matching tracks and courses and adjust your data. You can make adjustments like removing the parts where you were resting and download the new data. Still confused? Try an example

How-to: join several GPX- or TCX-files

Sometimes you end up with more than one file from a single workout. Fix that by uploading all files and download a new file with all the data.

How-to: generate GPS-data

Did you run without a GPS-watch? Maybe even indoors? Find your track, click "generate GPS-data" and submit the time(s) of your race or workout. Now you can download GPS-data as if you were running with a perfect GPS-watch.