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There are 36523 tracks on RUN:TRACK:RUN. You can find all of them on the search page and filter by surface, availability and more.

You can easily add missing information by submitting the form on a track page. If your favourite track is missing, you can add it here.

When you contribute to RUN:TRACK:RUN you help fellow runners. If you are signed in you can display a link to your running related service to the runners searching your area.

Tracks are shown on the map with these icons.
  • Track open to the public Open to the public
  • Track not open to the public Not open to the public
  • Track with unknown open status Unknown open status. You can supply it if you know it.
  • Destroyed track Destroyed tracks
New track runners might find our track etiquette information helpful.

The most popular tracks on RUN:TRACK:RUN

Stockholms Stadion / Stockholm / Sweden 400m synthetic track
Kezar Stadium / San Francisco / California / United States 400m synthetic track
Kristinebergs IP / Stockholm / Sweden 400m synthetic track
Destin Elementary School / Destin / Florida / United States 400m synthetic track
Phoenix College
Rajkot Athletic Track
Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School
Birchmount Stadium
Abel Holtz Stadium
SUTD Running Track
Macalester stadium
Blue Heron Middle School
Ruimsig Stadium
Comeaux High School
Roosevelt High School
Chatsworth Stadium
Fremont High School
Wheeler High School
Burbank High School
St. David Catholic Secondary School